How to Choose an Installation Type for Custom Cables

custom cables

When choosing the installation type needed for custom cables, you will want to start with first choosing a company that has the most knowledge and experience for your specific project or task. It’s important to know that the company you choose is also familiar with the environment in which the installation will be used, including any potential stressors that the cable may face.

Well-known manufacturer Meridian Cable Assemblies has over 25 years of experience working with a long list of clients that entrust them with their cable installation needs. They are considered experts in the industry, and they work closely with clients to make sure to only supply them with extremely high quality and reliable custom products.

There is a team of experts on staff that understand how to choose the correct installation type to best suit the needs of your project. For instance: In specific cases such as for medical or military purposes, there would need to be a high degree of attention paid to detail because of safety reasons and the lifetime of products. Meridian’s team of experts is well versed in dealing with choosing the best installation type for you and your business.

Custom Cables and its installation

Cables used in environments where they will be required to be flexible, for example, will need a cable on a reel that is able to bend without receiving interior damage to its conductors. Some other environmental factors may include exposure to chemicals, severe hot or cold temperatures, or being exposed to abrasion. Choosing the right installation type is extremely important for these situations, and one of the first steps in helping to prevent equipment failure.

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The technicians who perform the installation play a critical role because they have the knowledge and understanding required for testing equipment properly to prevent failure from happening. Your technician will choose from a broad range of materials tailored specifically for the environment to work properly. In choosing an assembled or molded cable, Meridian is able to accommodate your needs in house.

Each custom cables assembly has a unique set of requirements for each specific component to result in the best performance possible. For example, utilizing a cable that has the appropriate gauge for conducting electricity and is protected with jacketed materials is critical when preparing for any environmental issues that may arise.

Some Differences of Molded vs Assembled

Molded cable assemblies are created by applying heat to a rubber or plastic material and injecting it directly into a custom mold. This installation type is beneficial in that it will allow them to produce cables tailored for the equipment for which it will be used.

Molded Installation

  • Quick Installation
  • Less of a chance of Insulation Errors
  • Strong and Flexible

Assembled cables have multiple pieces put together manually and connectors are made of metal shells. They are the only solution in some applications.

Assembled Installation

  • Knowing proper testing has been done (as with molded cables)
  • Less expensive to produce
  • Able to be disassembled when needed

When deciding to use assembled or molded installation types, quite a bit of thought and consideration should be taken. In order to get the best performance from your equipment, there needs to be a professional involved with the knowledge needed to meet your company’s needs. This should come from a reputable company with a strong background that has the engineering and manufacturing experience you can count on.

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