How Multi Touch Tables Add Value to Your Business?

multi touch tables

Businesses in the middle of digitization are in need of new equipment to achieve a variety of goals: data retrieval, access to a range of services, presentation of innovative projects to stakeholders and much more. Fortunately, the market can offer a wide range of interesting and functional interactive products.

An excellent choice is a professional multi touch table. Due to its autonomy and dimensions, an interactive table can be placed anywhere: at the entrance to the sales area, at the reception, inside a showroom and so on. The multi touch surface, a built-in computer and special multitouch software guarantee a wide range of functions.

A new age of digital furniture for businesses

Modern furniture has become not only functional, but also accessible by touch – it comes with the ability to interact with the user. With Covid-19, it is a great option for companies to get these interactive tables for in house sales meetings and other business activities.

The multi touch table technology is rapidly gaining popularity. Having an electronic filling inside, such a device allows you to perform pitches and all kind of presentations several times faster and more impressive for the audience. 

The surface of the touch board is equipped with a capacitive touch screen that can be operated with your fingers. Thanks to new technologies, the user, while working at the table, can simultaneously work with several active applications or with other users.

Variations of touch tables are quite rich. There are models from 32 to 65 inches. The price for a touch table depends precisely on its quality and technical parameters.

Where can touch tables be used?

Due to their versatility, such devices can be found in lots of companies all around the world. Most often they are installed:

  • In museums, historical and cultural centres so that residents and guests of the city can get interesting additional and useful information for them.
  • During various promotions and advertising campaigns, exhibitions, and events for advertising information.
  • In corporate showrooms to inform and entertain guests like investors, clients, and employees.
  • At trade fairs to present innovations, products, and services in a playful way.
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Why have multi touch tables become so popular?

Touch tables allow to establish feedback with the user and improve the quality of informing or serving visitors and customers. Due to the mass of advantages, such interactive devices are in great demand all over the world. Let us highlight the main ones:

  • The presence of virtually every size and shape, which allows them to be installed in any corporate environment.
  • Reliable and easy to maintain, equipped with a rugged sensor (it is noteworthy that some models of touch tables are equipped with tempered glass, which makes them particularly durable and can be installed in public places with a large crowd of people).
  • The range of settings is quite wide, thanks to which the panel can be configured for contact with fingers and for capacitive objects/markers.
  • The ability to get information is very easy and intuitive for the user.
  • Allows several users to work at the same time (multi-user).
  • Any media can be connected to the device, as well as interact with other touch devices and AV-equipment.

The only drawback of the multi touch table is its rather high cost. However, such a device pays for itself quickly if the company makes use of it regularly.

Can the multi touch table replace other devices and equipment?

Answering this question, we can say yes! The wide functionality of the device allows you to use it for a variety of business purposes and save money. What can you use such equipment as?

  • As equipment for impressive multimedia presentations in showrooms.
  • As negotiation table with all necessary information at your fingers.
  • As a multi-functional terminal for customer service.
  • As an info point containing touch maps and information about location and objects.
  • As equipment for conducting training sessions in educational organizations.
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Final Words

When deciding to buy a multi touch table for an organization, you should first decide for what business purpose it will be used. A professional vendor will customize the multitouch hardware and software in response.

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