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How to Get Bitcoin Fast in 2020


Without a doubt, Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Its lion share in the market capital testifies to this very fact. Bitcoin and crypto marketing are also on the rise. People are investing and trading in this field like crazy.

Over time investment in bitcoin has become the talk of the town owing to its swift, anonymous, and decentralized nature. Many have made fortune out of it. Does this bring us to the question as to how can one purchase bitcoin?

If you want to buy bitcoin with a Visa card anonymously and decide to diversify your investments and make a relatively small number of transactions due to Bitcoin, then continue reading this simple dummy guide.

To buy bitcoin with a credit card, follow the Switchere website using this link. On, you can buy BTC with debit cards easily through the MasterCard or Visa method.

Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Now that you have decided to invest in bitcoin, here’s what you need to do.

First of all, you need to have a prepaid wallet in which you will store crypto. Wallets come in two types:

  • “Hot”. It is called so precisely because in such wallets your bitcoins will always be available online, you can spend them instantly at any time. The leader among such wallets is, which is also convenient to use. In both cases, immediately after quick and secure registration and ID verification, you will be asked to choose the currency that you are going to keep. Click on “BTC” – this is how bitcoin is designated as a dollar – USD, and euro – EUR. If you register from a computer, then do not forget to install the application on your phone place after that.
  • “Cold”. In these types of wallets, a set of keys for accessing cryptocurrency will be stored offline on your computer or hard drive. And even better – on a separate medium, which is now called a hardware wallet. They cost from 100 to 130 dollars, they look beautiful apart from being secure, but you should think about a “cold” wallet only if you have a lot of currency.
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 Further, we will consider only the “hot” type of wallets.

The wallet is registered! What’s next?

Choose the easiest converter you will buy Bitcoin with a credit card from. Now it can be done in online exchangers and privately with your hands. We will not discuss the latter type, because this is not the best way for beginners: you will need to arrange a personal meeting yourself, transfer and convert cash to the seller, and then wait for him (maybe) to transfer bitcoins to you without any guarantees.

Exchange for beginners is also not suitable: in most of them, there is a large fee, complex verification of the identity, and the ability to pay only by bank transfer (and not by card number). So the most convenient option is online exchangers. Here, the rate in 99 cases out of 100 is better than on any other site (for example, with the official rate, you could purchase bitcoin with the lowest price, including all fees). Buy BTC with a credit card via!

If you are paying for an instant transaction from Internet banking, you can indicate the name of the payment, and sellers often ask you to avoid direct mention of operations with bitcoins. 

One may question now, how is this platform scam-free when one has to prepay to get bitcoins in their wallet?

Yes, you transfer money from your debit or credit card first, but at the time of payment, the exchanger, acting as the guarantor of the transaction, freezes bitcoins on the seller’s account. If everything went well, you won’t have to wait for bitcoins for a minute or two.

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