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Online streaming has become really popular in recent times. A lot of credit goes to platforms like GoMovies which have paved the way for paid streaming platforms like HULU, Netflix, amazon prime, etc. Because Gomovies has been one of the most popular platforms of all time. It has got all the categories/genres available for users from thriller, action, science fiction, romance, fantasy, etc. So, basically it has got movies and series for everyone.

GOMovies: Why So Popular?


You all know that GOmovies is an extremely popular platform when it comes to the online movies & TV shows industry. Just because of one fact that it doesn’t contain malicious ads or malware or any content that can create such issues for users. It’s very annoying when you get ads in front of you while watching a movie/ show or some video right? So, it has this thing which is the reason why they are so popular.

There are numerous Go movies alternatives that have contributed to the online streaming industry growth. We know these platforms are free and are hosting copyrighted movies and TV shows illegally but they have made an industry that is never losing its potential and users.

We have shortlisted around 9 of them for you.

1. Yes Movies

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Yes Movies have a lot in common with Gomovies and lists of great movies released since 2014 nonstop. You can find old ones too. But those released after 2014 have more content available. There one feature which stands out is the content filter. You can easily find your movie or show by going to the site. You can use a search bar, genre filter, release year or by country tag etc.

It’s safe to say that this site isn’t as good as the main one. But it really gives a tough competition considering its audience base and its features which make a huge difference.

2. AZ Movies

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AZ movies in another alternative available. But is it good enough above all others? Well yes, it does give a tough competition. As the name suggests this platform has movies from all the alphabets A-Z. Secondly, what stands out about this is the fact it has hosted every movie on two servers. So, if either one is down, the user can switch to the other one.

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Therefore, a seamless streaming experience it provides to the end-user. It has a great connection with Reddit and mostly movies when added on the platform are advertised there. Secondly, if you don’t know English you can still enjoy movies here, as close subs are available. All in all, it comes with a good package altogether.

3. Soap2day

Soap2day is also among the top contests for this. You can easily pick this site for your streaming needs as an alternative because it gives you all the premium features with nothing held back.

Soap2day is trying to present not just a streaming experience but an experience to be remembered so that its audiences become loyal. You can have a lot of features like options of streaming mirrors, filters, and a huge library and old and up to date content.

4.F Movies

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It is also one of the best ways to stream your favorite shows and movies. One thing which makes it very reliable and similar to Gomovies is that it gives you peace of mind as it hosts its content on third party sites. So, if one server is down you have got alternatives in place already and you get the best user experience.

One thing not cool about it is that it has ads. So, getting an adblocker would be recommended. Secondly, good things that make it stand out are that there are different lists of recommended, favorite and content filters available for you. Secondly, you can demand movies for them too.

5. Niter Movies

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This is one site that is not really gotten the attention it deserved. It was created at the time Netflix was started. It had and has very similar features like Netflix. Its still quite popular and known. It has got all the features which are needed which needs more attention.

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You can watch your favorite content here without any fuss and its got HD print available at high speed. You don’t have to bother about your internet speed. Since, its server doesn’t need much of your internet speed. Also, it has got great content filters which make it a good choice for an alternative.

6. Popcornflix

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If you want to get the one free platform that is easier to use and has high HD content that loads faster than anything. Then Popcornflix is the one. It has such great features and user experience like Gomovies that it’s a hard one to beat or leave.

It’s really easy to use in a way that its search engine is really effective for showing content that you would want to and displays really great recommended and popular section stuff. One additive feature is that it has an app that you can download and install on your mobile or computer to watch any content anytime. If still, you don’t the movie you were looking for. There is always an option to search for it.

7. Movies 4K

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With Movies 4K, you can watch HD movies at all times with seamless streaming speed and without you paying a penny. This is one of the biggest movie directories out there and the frequently updated one too. There are lot of genres available with a lot of content filters available for your ease.

The process is really simple. You can visit the site and use the different content filter, what suits you best. Once you have found the movie or the TV show you were looking for. Then all you got to do is click the play button and you will be streaming live.

8. 123 Movies

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This site has also been very old in terms of its directory. It has got all the classics and the latest ones too. After the redesign, 123 movies have given it self a new life. As with it, it’s really easy to use and has got some really good movie experience.

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What’s really great news for its audience is that once the movies are released in theaters or any other online platform. They get it featured here very soon and are one of the few ones to do this.

9. Putlocker

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Well, this must be a very familiar name to all you right? Because Putlocker is a very well known name and a platform just like Gomovies and has made a great name for itself. Its kind of a go-to platform for many people out there because it has got the ultimate library of all your favorite ones. With that, it gives the audience, probably the best seamless HD experience with great speed.

Since its revival, many other scammers have used its name to their benefit to gain visitors or traffic. But, this is one of the platforms where you can go without any doubt of getting hacked, getting malware or any virus is your system, etc.

10. YIFY Movies

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YIFY movies is a very famous platform when it comes to getting all sort of content where its 1080p, 720p, 480p, and cinema print. It has a lot in common with the original GO platform as it provides you a set of filters with the latest movies on home and others can be found through content filters.

It’s one of the movie-watching and downloading sites where you don’t need to wait for a movie release as it gets all the content right away. So, you basically are getting everything here. Latest ones in the best possible prints and the previous movies UHD qualities as well.


There will always be similar and lookalike sites like Gomovies available because when it comes to freeways there are always alternatives and better ones available. Therefore, you can check and find out which ones the best for you and let us know in the comment section about them.

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