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How To Live Stream Your Wedding?

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Whether you are wandering in a far-off place or are guests who simply cannot travel, there are many reasons that some of your inner chakras may not be in person when you tie the knot.

The good news is that thanks to technology, there may be a way to see your nearest and dearest scene if the wedding is not physically there: setting up a live stream for your wedding.

Why Couples Live Stream

Hashtags, photo booths and drone photography have already proved that technology is making its place at weddings, so it’s natural that wedding live streaming has also become a thing.

“We previously saw its significant growth in corporate events, but now we’re starting to see this move at weddings,” says Nicole Wadley, director of sales and marketing at the Longwood Venue + Venue.

When family members are ill and cannot travel to the sports venue, they cannot attend, or otherwise be tied up. Wardle says those who have a public personality, such as social media influencers, bloggers, or TV personalities, want to share the moment with followers in real time.

When it comes to live-streaming your wedding, take some care to help make this process as easy as possible.

DIY or hiring a professional

If you’re hosting an intimate event from the comfort of your home, you can get away with using a laptop or your cell phone to stream the service.

If you are interested in having a streamed reception and a professionally recorded video of the wedding, consider reaching out to the wedding videographer to manage the process.

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You can also consider some great new companies (EventLive, LoveStream) that specialize in virtual events in particular.

Technology and equipment

In addition to streaming software, having the right gear is integral to your streaming success.

If you are adding streaming to your in-person celebrations, think about buying a tripod and having a backup device and charger/charging case so that you can capture every moment.

In addition, confirm your location ahead of time to see if high-speed WiFi is available to host streaming.

A Designated Streaming Person

For large streaming events, having a designated streaming person is ideal to ensure that all technology is running smoothly.

Be your wedding coordinator, tech-loving best man, or videographer – choose this person before the big day so that you don’t get stuck with outlet hunting during your reception.

Coordinate with your venue team: If you plan to make your wedding come alive, be sure to communicate with all the members of your venue and the vendor team.

Communication is the key to a seamless experience, especially when you are working with multiple vendors!

Have a plan

Think about all aspects of the live stream from set up during the event to planning, timing, and engagement. Think about the point and angle. Ask yourself if you just want to see your virtual guests, or if you want them to attend the event.

You can customize your live stream as little or as much as you want, just make sure to have a plan so that you can focus on your spouse on your special day.

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How to Do It

Once you settle on live streaming, you want to make sure that you pre-test the Internet connection at the venue, according to Chip Dizzard, a photographer and a video live stream expert in Baltimore. “WiFi has gotten better over the past few years for live streaming. But a camera that can be connected to a laptop and a wired internet connection works best with weddings I’ve live-streamed,” he says Huh. “

In addition, many churches now have live-stream capabilities. Ask if there is an extra charge to stream your ceremony while you are in church. “A professional will be able to troubleshoot problems any day and work with videographers and photographers to ensure that they attend the event.

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