Best Android Apps not in Play Store in 2021 [Must Install]


There is a whole new world of phones this new-age technology of Android operating system has generated. Our daily life revolves around these smartphones and we are no longer bound to the use of laptops and computers to carry out our daily activities. Owing to the growing use of smartphones, Android developers are sipping on cups of coffees and rolling out the latest productive apps making sure they are compatible with all the latest Android versions.

If you happen to be an android user with loads of space on your phone, let us help you out in filling that space for good. It’s about time you use your android devices to the fullest of their potential.  Here’s a list of apps every android should have:

Avast App: Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast Anti-virus

The probability of you having malware on your android device is not very high but still you can’t risk your important data. So there’s this app called “Avast: Mobile Security & Antivirus” that comes to rescue.  The app provides quite a lot of security features and has a smooth layout. Simply go on the play store and give it a try.

Google Drive


Google Drive

Google drive is great storage app that lets you store most of your data on the cloud. The app allows you to access your data from anywhere and from any device. It also lets you share your data with others. While uploading your data into the google drive, the app allows you to set your privacy i.e. if you want your data to be visible to you only or to anyone around the world. The app comes really handy when you need your important files on the go. You can create spreadsheets, presentations and text that can be shared with your boss and colleagues. The app is free but allows a limited storage space. It is an obvious app if you are short on storage.



Android devices usually come with two built-in browsers: “Internet and Chrome”. The browser named “internet” is considered as the “internet explorer for android”. On the other hand, chrome is slightly better than that. But If you want a customization browser, you should probably try Firefox for android. The browser is Fast, Smart, Safe and Smooth. It is easily downloadable through the play store.



A must-have app that organizes your life in a much better way. The app comes with numerous useful features and allows to you add notes, to do lists, voice recordings and the possibly the best feature I came across : it lets you search text within the images or in pdf files. The app Evernote is no less than gold if you find it hard to organize your work. Most of all : the app is free on the google play.

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We all know what Netflix is. For those who don’t know ; Netflix redefines entertainment. An amazing app that helps you kill your free time. If you have a Netflix subscription you can watch HD movies and shows on your tv but you can’t carry your tv along with you during your boring trips. So all you need to do is to download the Netflix app on your phone and log in with your existing subscription, lay back and enjoy.

MX player


It is a the best and the most powerful media player that one can come across. MX player supports almost every type of video file that you could think of. Now you can watch your favorite movies in a really smooth environment and you can also load your subtitles that can be customized according to your needs. Moreover, the app lets you multitask and lets you minimize the screen while listening to the video songs. Clearly a winner amongst many other media players.

 Swiftkey keyboard

The built in android keyboard is a mess sometimes. So here’s an alternative to that. The app is called swiftkey keyboard; it makes texting easier and fun than before. With the huge list of unique features the app stands above many other apps of the same category. The app comes with a powerful prediction dictionary so you don’t have to write a lot while texting your friends.

Bonus: The app was launched as a paid app but now it is free on google play. Download it here to give a boost to your keyboard before you have to pay for it:



If you use your computer a lot and do not get the chance to go through your phone very often,this app is made for you. The app redirects all your notifications to your computer and you can access all of them without even touching your cell phone. The application comes really handy and you can even reply to texts through your computer. All you need is this app on your phone and an extension on your computer to be good at multitasking.

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As the world has already become a global village, it is now pertinent to acquire knowledge of other countries and nations. To do so, the best option is to have know-how of the native language of a particular country. This application named Duolingo is one of the best android apps not in play store that can turn out to be your best companion when you are idle and intend to learn a new language. The world has moved on from YouTube videos to applications- so should you! Head to the google play store and download the app now to learn new languages.



Shopping trends have been changing all around the world. While Amazon might be leading e-commerce store of the world but there are better alternatives to it – one of them being AliExpress. The Aliexpress application– available on google play store–  is compatible with the lastest android version and once installed, you can buy premium quality goods in the cheapest price possible. Compare the prices of aliexpress products with that of Amazon’s and see for yourself why this app made its way in our best apps list.

Super Simple Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer

Another application in our best android apps not in play store list is this amazing app that is also compatible with the latest android version. If you’re one of those who put music on while sleeping, this app is the perfect one for you. You don’t have to worry about to battery being drained all night due to the music playing in the background. All you need to do is to select the app that you want to kill and specify the time period after which the app will not play the music or video. That’s about it- you’re good to go.


Head Space

Professional life as well as student life can be stressing at times. Your head is usually full of stuff and you are always thinking about something. This stress finds it place so deep inside your mind that you keep thinking about things when sleeping. Give your head some space  y’all. With this application  named Headspace- available on google play store– you can ease yourself up. Take a sigh of relief and wake up fresh the next morning to kickstart a perfectly productive day. Wave good bye to stress. No wonder why the app is palced in our best android apps not in play store list!

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WhatsApp Business

Whatsapp Business

Technology is revolutionizing the business sector where tradition businesses are being replaced with digital ones. And one of the pre-requisite of digital businesses is online presence or customer service. While it can difficult to manage personal and official life, the latest version of this amazing app can be found on google play store. Search “whatsapp business” and you are good to go. Now you can use both Whatsapps at the same time without having to worry about your privacy and personal space. Get the app from the play store before your clients head to your competitors for the quote!



Raise your hands if you have ever received a call from a person whom you had always avoided. I see a lot of hands being raised behind those computer screens. With digital interventions come digital problems and with digital problems come digital solutions. If you have ever be a victim of spam calls from unknown numbers, it’s about time you wave goodbye to this worry. The latest app called Truecaller lets you indentify the unkown person who is trying to call you. A perfect app to avoid fake or spam calls. I will leave it to your imagination as to how can you use this app to spin the head of the spam callers. Happy utility, happy trolling.


Goodreads application for users

If you happen to be an avid book reader or lover and have managed to scroll down this far , let us not let you down and leave disappointedly. This amazing app is for all bookworms out there who keep on asking for book suggestions from their friends and acquaintances. All you nerds need to do is to get the latest android version of this app and start looking for the next books you can read in the summer vacations. And don’t forget to leave a book review on the app once you’re done reading the book.

I hope, by now you might have found some productive apps that you can download right away and unleash the best out of your android phones. These apps ranged from being productive ones to educational ones. If you would like me to compile more of such lists, do suggest the next listing you’d want to see. Explore more of such content only at Techscopy.

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