7 Irresistible Gadgets You Should Try [Latest 2019]


Talking about the world of gadgets and how it is actually transforming this world into the tech maniac world. What we saw in the movies back in our day is somewhat transforming into reality.

When talking about this world where people are fascinated with the new things that come across through different channels.

Lets get to the point and have a look at these hottest new gadgets that you should immediately gets your hands on.

Ossia Spigen: Wireless charging like never before

Wireless charging has been a myth yet! But not anymore, as the Ossia and Spigen have collaborated and developed this delivered this beauty into the world of tech. If you are sitting at your home in your office. Basically anywhere. Its real time wireless charging through which you don’t have to sit out the charging process. You can walk and easily use your phone. While its charging.

Foldimate: Folding clothes not a problem anymore

Well! All of us have been bamboozled with this great innovative finding. All bow down to the foldimater. On a serious note, this can be a life saver for everyone who have problem folding their clothes. Ranging from students living in hostels. People with excessive travelling requirements. It fits for everyone out there.

Royole flexible: Ultimate QWERTY keyboard

Nobody could think of such things other than in movies. But its real-time now. Royole has launched a flexible keyboard, if its laid out on a flat surface it will start working after connecting to the Bluetooth for any device. World of gadgets is truly being blessed for this year with great innovation and diversity.

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Y-Brush: Mother and Father of all brushes

Technology is supposed to make life simpler for all of us. But maybe its making it simpler at an ease of not making effort. Through this innovation of launching the Y-brush. I believe cleaning tooth wont be an issue for anyone. All you need to do is put paste inside this and place it inside your mouth. It will do the rest. Peace, happy brushing.

Samsung: The Great Wall of Samsung

If nobody else did. Samsung did it. Turned out to produce a wall of Samsung. A home-sized 98-Inch Micro LED 8k TV till date in the history of technology. Its price is not available but its definitely something worth trying if you are a binge watcher.

Opte Precision Wand: The Magical Razor

Something exciting for the ladies have just been launched. Not being racist but this magical wand but if you have darker skin. This wand will scan your scan and optimally make it equally fair and square to look good. Makeup now much easier for ladies or for even men. Lets not objective here. Its a great innovation.

Nubia Red Magic Mars: The Gaming Beast

We won’t ever leave the gamer’s out of this great read. This truly is a beast for all the gamers out there. Gaming phones are gearing up the game. There is hot competition in the market. Red Magic Mars have launched this beast. A big liquid nitrogen cooling battery coupled with two touch buttons on its shoulders. This phone is definitely worth a try for all the hardcore gaming lovers.

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I hope this read was interesting for all the gadget lovers out there. 2019 has brought about some amazing tech gadgets. We will cover more of these and keep you updated.

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