Clover Flex vs the Clover Station – Best For Small Businesses

clover felx vs clover station

Small business owners should consider upgrading point of sale technology. It is hard to beat Clover POS systems for accepting and processing contactless payments and other common transactions. Your bottom line can benefit from implementing the right POS system for the way a business operates. Here are several factors to consider to select the right Clover hardware for any enterprise, such as the Clover Mini, Clover Flex terminal or Clover Station. The question is which is better amongst Clover flex vs Clover Station.

Prioritize Flexibility

Small businesses vary widely in terms of employee, inventory and transaction requirements. A retail storefront or service-based business may have very different needs. Clover Network makes several types of hardware and two system software packages. This is to deliver the perfect POS solution for any operation. Choose from the Clover Go, Flex, Mini or Station hardware and Register Lite or full-featured Register software.

However, If flexibility in terms of the ability to accept all common types of payment at almost any location is a priority, business owners may want to consider the Clover Flex. This handheld, all-in-one system is capable of taking orders and accepting most forms of payment. This system has a camera for scanning inventory. A touch-screen display for easy input and taking customer signatures. And a built-in receipt printer.

Promote Visibility

If you want to direct customers toward a counter for more comprehensive service, consider setting up a Clover Station POS system. The Station is the fastest and largest hardware that Clover makes. The Station 2.0 features a larger primary display to facilitate a wide range of operational and transactional functions. A Station with Register software provides business owners with features such as employee fingerprint scanning and the ability to handle gift cards and rewards programs.

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The Clover Station has the most options in terms of back- and front-facing visibility. In addition to the primary screen used by an employee, businesses have the option to install customer-facing displays or printers. The software on these systems is designed to provide all parties with a simple, streamlined user experience. Clover displays and peripherals can make the ordering and payment systems at any location more interactive and increase customer satisfaction.

Process Payments

Every Clover system from the Go, Flex and Mini up to the Station can process a full range of payment methods. Clover hardware comes ready to accept cards with magnetic stripes, EMV chips and a variety of contactless payment methods. The rates for processing card present and keyed-in transactions may vary based on your choice of a system software plan. Business owners and operators can also get a cash drawer to add on to the Clover Mini or Station for added functionality.

Similarly, It is important to consider the primary purpose of a POS system at a business and factor in the potential of an advanced system. If an operation can benefit from rolling out a portable system for taking orders and processing payments, a business owner may be satisfied with the Clover Flex. Enterprises with more advanced inventory needs may want to use the Clover Station or an integrated solution combining Station and Flex hardware. Now that you have read it all, it will be easier for you to choose between Clover flex vs Clover Station.

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