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Businesses Need to Rebuild Their Model with Digital Transformation

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As we slowly recover from the coronavirus global pandemic shock, businesses are weighing their options for the next phase of operations. Companies and organizations have come to the realization that reverting to traditional infrastructure will not cut it.

Because of the pandemic, companies have had to let their employees work from home. Additionally, all work-related travel has been canceled due to the travel restrictions put in place by different governments.

Embracing technological innovation is necessary for any business that wants to remain relevant going forward. Cloud technology is the ideal mechanism for business growth in today’s business climate. Amid the global change we’re experiencing, organizations cannot afford to be left behind.

The time has come for companies to rebuild their infrastructure to accommodate the dynamic nature of the business world. Let us look at the contribution technology will make in transforming your business.

1.     Automation and Social Distancing

According to a recent Harvard study, the social distancing restrictions are likely to remain in place for longer than we had anticipated. Since it will be a long-term requirement, businesses need to factor this in as they work on the new normal.

The reason for this conclusion is primarily based on the fact that so far, doctors have not yet found an effective treatment for the coronavirus.

Even so, businesses are set to be reopened soon. So what is the way forward? Well, for starters, businesses might as well start getting used to the remote work paradigm. In-person engagements might have been comforting, but more encounters are going to have to be virtual.

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The absence of people you’re not intimate with will soon be a greater comfort. We see a future where people will avoid in-person interactions unless it’s extremely necessary.

In truth, the COVID-19 crisis has only escalated a trend that was already on an upward incline. Many companies had already adopted flexible schedules way before the coronavirus pandemic hit us.

The same applies to the norm of staying indoors and shopping online. The coronavirus pandemic has only solidified a lifestyle that was already on the rise. Brands that were already catering for online customers have experienced a spike in sales throughout the pandemic.

The pandemic is a wakeup call of all brands that had still been relying on traditional offline sales. As you scout for a digital marketing agency Singapore, make sure you choose one that can help you devise strategies that can deal with the uncertainty of the future.

Businesses might need to go as far as innovating new products to cater to the needs of their customers. As the whole world adopts to a new way of living, product consumption is bound to change as well.

2.     The Customer Remains King

The digital marketing services you seek, need to be aligned with your new business model. Businesses need to ensure that even with remote working employees, they can serve customers to the best of their ability.

An excellent place to begin is to ensure customers and prospects can easily find you online. A solid online present is now more important than ever because online shopping is slowly becoming the primary module of business interaction.

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Even as customers’ environment changes, the desire for a positive shopping experience is stronger than ever. Customers will always expect businesses to anticipate and fulfill their needs regardless of the business climate.

To anticipate the future needs of your customers, you need accurate data to work with. This is an excellent time for businesses to invest in advanced analytical tools. This gives you access to real-time insights to achieve a customized experience for each customer.

Even after the coronavirus has been vanquished, digital-based customer experiences will keep growing in popularity. That means that businesses that act quickly now, to digitally transform their business will have a competitive advantage in the future.

Each digital marketing agency Singapore is readying itself for long-term shifts in marketing trends. Because customer behaviors are changing, digital marketing strategies have to follow suit.

Entrepreneurs should keep a real-time pulse on the preferences of their customers to maintain a solid business-to-customer relationship. Since it’s almost impossible to redesign customer journeys overnight, you need to hire an able marketing team to gradually work on this.

3.     Billing Agility

Aside from product quality, efficient service delivery also contributes to competitive advantage. Your business operation plays a huge role in your success. You need an operating system that can easily adapt to market changes.

This way, regardless of the situation, your customer experience remains top tier. Customers require a hassle-free transaction if they’re to remain loyal to your brand.

Billing takes up a huge portion of business operations. Since traditional infrastructure is being phased out, how about embracing no-touch billing systems? This mechanism allows you to achieve a short leading time for customers.

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Besides, the reduction of manual handling will also take a huge load off your employees. Businesses now need to think about investing in off-premise billing systems that automatically handle customers’ invoices.


The coronavirus global pandemic has been a wakeup call for many businesses. This was the necessary push the business world needed to enact digital transformation. Marketing, sales, and administrative departments in business have had to adopt new innovations to cater to customers’ needs in these changing times.

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