10 Interesting Gadgets and Tech You Should Get Your Hands-On


The 20th century exploded with inventions that changed an average human’s lifestyle and transformed the international economy before our eyes. The digital realm itself expanded beyond the boundaries of desktops as technological advancements kept shrinking gadgets for future generations. Consumers now have a variety of devices to choose from, ranging from portable computers to wearable smartphones. It satisfies a human’s need to communicate with friends/family and access information/entertainment in the blink of an eye anytime, anywhere. These in-demand technical inventions have become popular, and – even if you don’t own them presently – you should lay your hands on these beauties soon!

Some of the most excellent modern gadgets to buy in 2021

We’re becoming more tech-dependent as gadgets worldwide have now outnumbered our population – as reported by media outlets. In 2014, it was claimed that – officially – we have more smartphones on earth than Homo sapiens. The IoT (Internet of Things) phenomenon contributed heavily to making these machines exceed people in sheer number. The Guardian reported in 2015 that your average British household possesses over seven internet devices. It further explains that 70% of English homes have at least one tablet. On the other hand, 10% of six-year-olds have separate devices, while 50% use family-owned gadgets. It’s palpable that Her Majesty’s subjects today aren’t unfamiliar with modern technology.

But which gadgets are the most popular right now? Which wonders of modern science you must get right this second? We’ll try to answer this query here by explaining the features of some of the most wanted widgets in 2021. The British are known for their adventurous nature – our former colonies are witnesses to this fact. Even today, we love river-swimming in Oxfordshire, kite-buggying in East Sussex, and trail-running in Devon. From Dunster Castle to Springhill House, there isn’t a shortage of haunted palaces to explore and paranormal activities to track. You can purchase ghost-hunting equipment from SpiritShack online to extinguish your thirst for adventure. With that said, here are some more devices you can buy as well:

Motion Sensor

Every house requires a motion detector to avoid break-in and entry and getting robbed. These motion sensors – available for less than £240 – can notice even the minutest disturbance in your environment. Many paranormal investigators utilize these gadgets while on their ghost-hunting trips. These widgets use an infrared detection sensor to perceive movement (mainly human entities in the vicinity). When a sensor detects motion, it alerts your security system. Thus, owning one (or more) is an integral part of domestic security mechanisms. Novel motion readers can even identify temperature variations. So, no matter if you’re chasing after spirits or looking out for robbers, this device is a must-have.

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Thermal Imaging Camera

A portable thermal imaging camera can also notice temperature variations and receive immediate feedback from your environment. It is a device that converts thermal energy into visible pictures. The image produced by such a camera is called a “thermogram,” and it allows you to see in the dark. The police use this device for surveillance as well as in search & rescue. In household settings, you can detect a gas leak with a thermal imaging camera or measure the indoor air quality of your apartment. You can purchase one online for less than £200 that comes with an 8 GB memory card and USB cable for charging – a complete package for homeowners.

Night-Vision Flashlight

Although, some people believe that thermal imaging cameras are expensive. An affordable alternative to these devices is a night vision torch/flashlight. These gadgets cost less than thermal imaging cameras as this technology has existed since World War II. You can also power them with simple AA batteries enabling you to carry this torch around in your pocket. So, this simple, lightweight object seems like the perfect equipment for homeowners who often need to venture inside gloomy places. Paranormal investigators adore this object. Moreover, if you’re contemplating going on a hunting trip deep in the Sherwood Forest, remember to bring a night-vision flashlight with you.

Voice Recorder

Have you heard of the electronic voice phenomenon? It’s associated with paranormal activities, while scientists have presented alternate explanations of why some people capture inexplicable voices on their sound recorders. You can observe this interesting occurrence by yourself. Since an EVP voice recorder costs not even a total of £100! But why does an average person need to buy this gadget?

Apart from ghost-hunting shenanigans, you can use the device during business meetings to record a crucial conversation instead of taking hand-written notes. The same is the while conducting interviews; it’s easier to record them than writing down everything on the spot. Similarly, students can preserve a teacher’s lectures and listen to them repeatedly since we’re prone to forget 70% of the new information after twenty-four hours from receiving it.

Temperature Control Mug

It often happens that you pour yourself a fantastic cuppa and then get involved in some essential chores. Then you return to your table only to find a steaming mug filled with tea now replaced by a lukewarm drink of disappointment. What do you do then? You go ahead and spend £70 to buy a temperature control mug. This device allows you to keep your drink at a specific temperature. So even though the mug itself isn’t warm enough to touch, your tea/coffee poured inside remains hot.

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Electronic Toothbrush

There’s no need to constantly replacing your toothbrush when you can just purchase an electronic one. Studies show that the digital alternatives to your traditional toothbrushes are more functional. They give you stronger gums than a manual device does. It also keeps your tongue cleaner and your teeth healthier. Children especially benefit a lot from these gadgets since they often struggle with keeping their mouths hygienic. These devices also protect you against bad breath and gingivitis. You should make this switch without caring about economics since electric toothbrushes cost £129. A survey shows why people switched to these digital toothbrushes, and the reasons included:

  • Effective cleaning
  • The dentist’s advice
  • Getting one as a gift

Key Finder

Have you ever lost your keys and then spent hours searching for them only to realize they were in your pocket all the time? Well, you can now purchase a Bluetooth-based key finder for less than £29 from Amazon. You just attach the keys to this device and – whenever you lose them – just press the button on the locator device (don’t ever lose the locator!). The finder will emit a beeping sound or flash a light to contact you. In addition, its powerful batteries will prevent you from losing your keys again.

Fitness Tracker

The healthcare industry resolves to empower patients by making them in control of their decisions. So, patients have also started using wearables that allow them to measure their health metrics and always be vigilant about fitness. These fitness trackers weigh less than 50 grams, with their battery remaining functional for over a week without a recharge. You can buy one for less than £129. In 2016, over 80% of recreational athletes used fitness tracking devices/applications in the UK. In addition, statistics revealed that, in 2019, millennials made the most significant demographic that relied on health trackers, with baby boomers being the smallest one.

Talking Bear

It’s “cute” having a stuffed animal you can talk to when you’re feeling depressed. How about a little bear that talks back? This device isn’t just used by paranormal investigators because it responds to even minor changes in its surroundings. But homeowners can also utilize it to protect their children. This “ghost-hunting bear” – available online for £375 – can sense EMF, motion, and changes in your native temperature simultaneously. It detects ambiguities and responds with voice. This talking bear can accompany your child at night – provided that your kid isn’t afraid of a seemingly animated toy. If you don’t find bears interesting, you can always purchase a simple digital vibration sensor.

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UV Sensor

The British are fond of camping trips that allow them to escape a monotonous London lifestyle. But adventures can be deadly if you aren’t careful about your safety. Nobody likes a sunburn while you are enjoying yourself on a beautiful summer evening at Compton Bay. So, it’s genius to carry a UV sensor with you for detecting the intensity of ultraviolet radiations. Since these wavelengths have shorter wavelengths and you require a unique sensor to perceive them. Some decent sensors cost you barely above £250, and they’ll constantly remind you to keep applying sunscreen at the beach. So, don’t forget to invest in something that prevents sunburns and UV exposure on your trips.


In 2010, Pew Research surveyed how many Americans owned a piece of technology. It showed that 85% of adults owned a cellphone while nearly 60% possessed a desktop computer. Furthermore, laptops were purchased by over 50% of respondents, while a meager 4% owned a tablet. But these statistics drastically changed after a decade. Statistica published a report on consumer electronics two years ago revealing that 88% of Americans possessed a computer/laptop.

In contrast, some 75% of them owned a smartphone. But how many Americans have a tablet now? Nearly 50%! So, it’s apparent that this obsession with gadgets is something we share with our western neighbors; it’s a fascination we have found to be universal.

When it comes to purchasing technical devices, our itinerary doesn’t stop at smartphones or computers. It also includes ghost-hunting bots, spirit pods, thermal imaging cameras, talking bears, and many more innovative items. Even if you don’t need them urgently, these widgets can be incredibly beneficial when you’re on an unexpected adventure with your chums and need to find a way back home. Now, you can even order most of these machines online inexpensively. So, why don’t you treat yourself and purchase stuff that makes your life comfortable? These interesting gadgets have become the latest definition of “cool” and “wicked.” Therefore, surrender to your desire and embrace modern technology in 2021.

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