Emerging Mobile Technologies: Tendencies of the Future

Mobile technologies

Without a doubt, emerging technologies have been one of the most awe-inspiring developments in modern history. Think of virtual and augmented reality, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, open-source streaming software, and voice. Their potential to spin the mobile space around on its feet is undeniable.

This development will have a pronounced effect on companies’ mobile design strategies and processes and impact the way they interact with clients. This article will discuss the tendencies of the future in emerging mobile technologies. 


Voice will have a huge influence on mobile tech and design. It has substantial advantages over other voice-enabled home use devices because the phone is one thing we always have with us.

In the near future, phones will be able to process commands based on location and other circumstances. When you say “unlock the door”, the phone will understand you mean the car door, not another door, because you’re standing by your car. 

Other implications of these developments include ordering food or drinks remotely. The price will be charged to your crypto wallet after the purchase is confirmed. 

According to industry insiders, the adoption of unique mobile apps and in-store chatbots will drive voice-geared user interfaces. 

Artificial Intelligence

There will soon come a time when AI becomes integrated into all experiences. This will hardly come as a surprise as battery tech continues to evolve and mobile devices’ computing power grows. AI-powered virtual assistants will become integrated into wearables and connected devices will go mainstream. 

Open Source Streaming 

Currently, most open-source streaming services are available in paid licensed versions as well. Whether this tendency will remain in the future is yet to be seen, but the fact is that these platforms now support all types of live streaming. This trend isn’t going anywhere. People will be relying on open-source streaming software and services more and more.

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The designs of the servers of this type are very flexible and can augment capability by means of a simple plug-in. The plugin architecture also enables any live open-source streaming scenario and customization of virtually any VOD. 

Recent Trends in Data World

One recent trend in the data world is the advent of open-source streaming and stream analytics. Companies are actively working to create solutions that can give instant access to critical business intelligence insights by means of real-time data exploration. It can be challenging to architect a data stack to transmit, assess, and store streams at scale, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. 

Analytics pipelines running entirely on batch processing systems can suffer from hours of data lag. This is a major challenge facing the data sector. Initial attempts to resolve this issue often lead to unreliable solutions, where one cannot assure data integrity, or rigid ones, where you need to know the queries in advance. 

Open Source Streaming Trend: Combining Druid and Kafka 

A combination of Druid and Apache Kafka can maintain data integrity, guarantee system availability, and support fast and flexible queries. The latest developments in open source streaming involve efforts to combine Druid and Apache Kafka. These are two highly popular open-source projects. They are required in order to build a scalable and flexible streaming analytics stack. 

Together, Druid and Kafka can make a revolutionary difference as a streaming analytics manager. Details about this are available at Imply.

Importance of Sourcing

Why is this important? The right open-source streaming software can lend any product professional edge. This includes videos, logos, audio, and more. Your open-source streaming program of choice, where selected wisely and based on adequate information, will set your product apart from all others in the respective market category. The good news is that some of the best open-source streaming software is free.

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Choosing the Right Open Source Streaming Provider

Of course, open-source streaming service developers are clamoring for our attention. How do we make the right choice? Look for user support, supported platforms, supported games, and choice of input sources. Some open-source streaming apps let the user record whatever they want, while others make them select from a list of titles. 

The best open source streaming software has good granular control, enabling one to create scenes from text, images, windows, webcams, and other sources. You can mix audio and customize pretty much every stream feature.

Immersive Realities

In the past world of mobile technologies, mobiles were seen as a smaller, less powerful screen. Today, it’s not only as powerful as a desktop. Particularly, when it comes to lenses and sensors enabling virtual and augmented reality.

The tendency will only become more pronounced in the future. As devices mature, experts believe the trend will accelerate. AR, in particular, will power new entertainment experiences and platforms. It will be redefining brand experience expectations in the process. New hardware is what will be the future of mobile technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves enabling different computing devices to communicate with one another. You can control your Smart TV, AC, fridge, and locks as a single infrastructure. This ties in with what is known as home and office automation, another tendency of the future. Smart devices are transforming homes and offices in unbelievable ways. Adjusting light brightness or opening the door for clients will be a click of a button away. 

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Shopping and M-Wallet

While not gathering speed at the rate of some of the other tendencies, such as open-source streaming. Digital wallets like PayTM and Amazon Pay will play an important role in our future. Thanks to such mobile technologies, we can shop for anything we want wherever we want, right from our mobile. Ecommerce has grown exponentially in recent years. The growth trend won’t be reversed anytime soon and keeps expanding.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition payments are among the recent developments bringing a much-needed element of ease and convenience. Financial institutions like Chase and retail giants such as Amazon have already introduced facial recognition to alleviate the sign-in process. To open their apps, users need only to look at the phone’s screen.

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