What To Look For in a Cloud Consulting Service?

cloud consulting service

Are you thinking about looking for a cloud consulting service? If the answer is yes, you will most likely need some assistance in determining what to look for. The decision you make can have a huge difference in how seamlessly your company moves its networks and data to the cloud. Having said this, here are some key factors you should look for in a good cloud consultant service.

Prospective Consultant Requests Special System Access

When you are evaluating a cloud consultant service company, it is very important that you understand what role they play, including determining the type of access that they should expect. For instance, a cloud consultant will always need their own unique login to access your systems.

A unique login ID is essential for numerous reasons, especially when mistakes are made or security is breached. Whatever the case, this request will protect both parties (internal users to the organization and third-party cloud consultants) from being accused of something that they did not do.

Must Discuss Signoffs

When you hire a cloud consultant, every phase of a project must be considered and accounted for by certain approvals. For instance, sign-offs may be required at each milestone of the projects that the CSS International Oracle Cloud consultant works on. This is especially the case when data is being transported from a company’s network to the cloud. Therefore, whatever process is used, it must be agreed upon before the consultant accepts your job.

How the Cloud Consultant Handles Data and system configuration backup

If you are evaluating more than one prospect for your cloud consultant job, you should pay close attention to the processes and guidelines that they will be used. In fact, if you want to give out extra points to determine which one is the best choice for your job, you may want to check out how they respond to handling data and system configuration backups.

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For instance, if only one consultant does their own backup process when each sprint ends, this cloud consultant will automatically receive an added advantage in this area.

The process to Document Configuration Logs

Each consultant company will have its own business practices when they come to your company. So, this information can vary greatly from one cloud consultant to the next. Therefore, when you are looking at the way that these consultants are logging in this information, you need to take note of how often they make notes.

Since no one who is assigned to this type of move will remember what happened 6 months or a year age, you need to make sure the process that is used takes this issue into consideration.

For instance, the consultant that earns the extra points in this area is the one that logs information every hour to account for what happened. An hour is considered to be an appropriate span of time to justify invoices and other events that need to be addressed.

Best Consultants Ask for Multiple Sandboxes

When you want to know who is on top of their game, you may want to look for those consultants that inquire about multiple sandboxes. To work effectively and efficiently sandboxes are needed for system integrations, development as well as migrations. Therefore, for those consultants who know exactly what to ask for when they express their requirements and needs, they can also receive additional points for being proactive and for working safely.

Consultant Communicates With the Consultants on the Same Platforms

Communicating effectively on these projects should not be taken lightly. Therefore, the consultant that you hire must be able to communicate through any platform that the company uses (i.e. desktop computer, email, mobile phones, and etc.).

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