13 Best CouchTuner Alternatives and Similar Sites

Couchtuner alternatives

CouchTuner is your home to entertainment. It is a website that allows you to stream online series. The best thing about CouchTuner is that there is no registration required to stream content.

CouchTuner offers content from various networks including CNN, HBO, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, and much more. Its unlimited content range makes it your perfect streaming partner. 

When you stream content on CouchTuner, you don’t have to pay anything. You can enjoy free content from the biggest networks. Keep in mind that CouchTuner doesn’t host content on its servers and offers you an interface to stream content from third-party sites/networks. 

It is one of the best sites to stream series online. However, if your ISP blocks your access or you find that CouchTuner is down for some reason then you can also try other CouchTuner alternatives. 

13 Best Sites like CouchTuner 

Below is a list of the best CouchTuner alternatives on which you can stream content without paying any charges. Without further delay, let’s find out the list of the best CouchTuner similar sites:

1. Daily TV Fix 

Daily TV Fix is an amazing streaming site where you can enjoy both TV shows and movies. This site offers a neat search filter where you can easily find anything by its name. The new movies and latest episodes of the TV shows are featured exactly on the Home page. 

This site frequently updates dozens of movies and shows. What’s more? It also has a forum section where you can take part in discussions and socializing to know more about the entertaining titles. 

2. Watch Series 

Watch Series is your door to dramas, TV shows, and anime. You can find unlimited episodes of the most popular series and anime shows at this site. 

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 Watch Series will not disappoint you with streaming quality. It provides an HD stream of every TV and anime shows listed on its display.

Besides, a good range of free movies this website also enables you to register and find all your favorite shows using its search bar. 

3. Put Locker 

Put Locker is one of the top CouchTuner similar sites and therefore, you should give it a shot. You can expect a huge range of movies and TV shows here. Moreover, PutLocker not only lets you stream Hollywood blockbusters, but you can also find and enjoy content from other countries like Korea, China, Japan, and many more. 

4. Just Watch 

Just Watch should be your destination for a flawless stream. This website opens for you the doors of real entertainment. Here you can stream movies, and TV shows from around the world, all for free. 

Navigation and UI are straightforward so you won’t be wasting a lot of time in finding your favorite titles. Just Watch uploads thousands of titles frequently and that’s the reason that content availability is not a big problem with Just Watch. 

5. Moviewatcher 

Moviewatcher is my personal favorite because I believe that it’s an ideal platform to watch and stream movies and TV shows. This website offers a bundle of titles all for free and the good thing is you can find something for everyone since unlimited genres are available on the site. It means from action to thriller to comedy everything is just right there. 

6. TV Muse

Sites like TV Muse definitely worth your visit. It has a large database of movies that enables you to easily find your desired titles all for free. 

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Navigation is simple, and the user interface is clean therefore, you will not find any glitches during your movie hunt.

TV Muse offers a variety of content including movies, animations, news, and much more is available for you.  Make sure to hit a visit to TV Muse to satisfy all your entertainment cravings. 

7. FM Movies 

When it comes to finding sites like CouchTuner then FM Movies should be on your list. This site is all about movies. It updates you regarding which movies are playing in the theater, what are the most popular titles right now, and which movies are about to release. 

Besides so much information, FM Movies also gives you the opportunity to find and stream a collection of renowned movies. 

On top of that, it also offers an amazing collection of TV shows. FM Movies comprises an HTML 5 video player with an auto-playback feature that helps you watch a TV show from start to end without making efforts. 

8. 123 Movies 

123 Movies is a trusted streaming site offering unlimited TV shows and movies to watch online. The best part is that its content is available on-demand with HD quality, giving you all the right reasons to give this site a visit. 

Note: Currently, unlimited versions of 123Movies running on the web some of them contain malicious links. It is suggested to download VPN router to protect your network before streaming on this site.

9. PopcornFlix 

PopcornFlix has no competition. It’s the best in its own way. What makes it unique among other streaming sites is its content separation based on categories for old classics and new arrivals. 

The only downside with PopcornFlix is annoying ad-popup which you can resolve using an ad-blocker.

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10. Café Movie 

Café Movie lets you delve into hours of entertainment with its diversified range of content. On Café Movies, you can stream everything from classic movies to new releases. A lot of streamers rely on this site to watch their favorite movies and find content based on the genre and preferred language. 

People trust Café Movie because of its quality content library, easy navigation, and categorization that make it super easy to find and watch titles. 

11. Watch Episode 

Watch Episode is a movie and TV show streaming website offering countless titles to kill your boredom. Watch Episode has a clean and well-organized interface that lets you effortlessly find all the titles. Moreover, the new episodes of your favorite shows are released on the website, as soon as they appear on the television. It means that you don’t have to wait too long to watch your most-loved shows. 

12. Tubi TV 

Tubi TV is slightly different from other streaming sites. It offers free content but requires you to register first to continue streaming. Once you are done with the registration, you can stream content without ads. 

Tubi TV also deals in variety, providing a great range of genres to select from including horror, action, and comedy. 

13. Rainier Land 

Rainier Land offers free content in terms of both movies and TV shows. This website has a cool collection of old and new movies. 

Rainier Land enables you to search for movies as per the genre I.e. comedy, romantic, and action. 

You can also find popular TV shows from around the world. All the episodes are frequently updated so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. 

Rainier Land doesn’t offer you direct streaming.  It provides you with streaming links of the direct media party to watch ad-free shows and movies. 


Entertainment has no limits then why should you limit yourself? CouchTuner is a top streaming website, but there are more options for entertainment and you must try some of them. 

All the listed websites are free and actively offer content to make your streaming more fun. Try any of the listed sources and share your new streaming experience. 

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