Eight Smart Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

smart tools

Technology is helping us in every field of life. The business community has taken the most advantage of all its developments. They invest a significant amount of their budget on research and development. As a result, we keep getting new and better tools that keep surpassing their predecessors and make our job much easier.

The use of software not only makes the job easier; it also allows businessmen to reduce human labor. These programs get more done almost free of cost and they are more reliable than humans who are prone to error. This is why every businessman and entrepreneur should keep himself up to date with all the new and necessary tools that could help them.

They don’t usually have the budget or experience to run a business. Learning about the tools will show them new possibilities and the things they can use to their advantage. Here are some of the most essential tools every entrepreneur should be familiar with.

AI-Powered CRM

Businesses start using CRM only when they have so much clientele that it is getting difficult to manage them. A Client Relationship Management tool doesn’t only help you manage them, but also attracts them. This one application is used by people in sales and marketing, existing clients, and potential clients. It is integrated with the website of the business. The people who visit your website for the purpose of business can register themselves and place an order.

This sounds like the job of a human because it requires intelligence – and it is. However, they are created in a way that the basic and time-consuming tasks are covered by the program and a human handles the part where intelligence is required.

Artificial intelligence has developed a great deal and it’s growing even further. It allows computer programs to make decisions based on data just like humans do. Today, we have CRMs that are powered by artificial intelligence. They control the journey of the visitor on your website and lead them to become a customer. They make suggestions and give price quotes to potential customers and convert them to your customers.

Workforce Management Program

It is also the job of a human to manage other human beings. The goal of their job is to get the best out of each employee. They manage all their tasks and other problems to make sure nothing stands in the way of their productivity. Managers also have to read client briefs, do research, and read other data to provide only useful information to their subordinates.

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This is also a complex task that no one thought would ever be done by a computer program. Today, we have smart tools like Synerion that manage humans. It allows you to create a highly engaged workforce and get things done without any problems. You can integrate other programs and platforms with it to so you or the employees don’t have to keep switching from one tab to another.

These programs are also smart enough to use data, analyze it, and make decisions based on its conclusion. This means you get an interactive program that helps you manage larger teams without the need to hire a full-time manager for every team of five to eight persons.

Microsoft To-Do List

Although it is created by the IT giant Microsoft, it is still one of the most underrated tools. You won’t be able to switch to another tool once you start using it to manage your own personal tasks. This program is available for Windows and Android platforms. You can log in to both and synchronize all your tasks in one place.

You always have your mobile phone in your pocket. So, anytime you get an idea or remember a task, you can easily note it. When you open your office computer, you will see that task in the To-Do list reminding you what needs to be done. It has several other useful features that make this tool a must-have for every entrepreneur who has to manage multiple things at once.

You can create folders for your personal tasks, ideas, and office work and save each task in the relevant folder. There is also the option of setting due dates and reminders. It will ring and show you the task when it needs to be done. Its home screen shows all the tasks that need to be done on that day. As you complete your tasks, you can keep marking them done. This enables you to efficiently plan your days and get things done on time.

G-Suite for All Employees

It’s not exactly new, but Google keeps launching its updates to provide a better user interface and features. It is by far the best tool to manage emails with all necessary online tools. Its competition is Microsoft, but G-Suite is far better and smarter.

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When you buy a G-Suite, you integrate it with your domain. This allows you to create emails for all your employees with your business domain name, e.g. [email protected]. This gives a very professional touch to your company when all your employees have their own emails for official tasks. One of the best things about G-Suit is that all its user can use that email to use the amazing Gmail inbox.

Many might think they can forward all their domain emails to their personal Gmail to use the same inbox; however, they won’t be able to use Google Drive, Docs, Sheet, Meet, Contacts, Duo, and Keep. There are also many other tools that every professional need. With the G-Suite, each employee gets access to all of them, which makes data sharing and communication easier and more effective. Besides, we also can’t underestimate the AI-powered spam filter of Google.

Accounting and Finance Tool

Accounting and finance are often underestimated by new businesses and entrepreneurs. They don’t realize how one little mistake can cost them a fortune if they don’t pay attention to it. Many of them only realize it after they have faced a huge loss. Today, you no longer need to hire full accountants to see all your accounts. There are tools that do it for you.

They show you where your money is going and where it is coming from. It reminds you when and where to send payments and when to receive payments. Such a tool makes invoicing very easy and significantly decreases the chances of a scam. Whether it’s your clients or employees, it is unlikely that they can hide a scam when you are monitoring finances through a tool.

Today, there are such advanced accounting and finance tools that almost eliminate the need for a human. Computers have always been great at mathematics. They can do calculations with accuracy within milliseconds; however, they don’t know when and where to use formulas. The tools that use artificial intelligence have made even this part possible.   

Project Management

Project managers are really high in demand these days. There are postgraduate degrees that only focus on how to do effective project management. While no inexperienced person can fill their shoes, there are tools that can make this job easier for you. Even project managers have to use these tools for effective management.

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There are just too many factors to consider when managing projects. If you believe in your memory to do this task, you will end up with regret. A professional never trusts his memory. Many big firms hire developers to build a custom project management program for them that especially caters to their needs.

You don’t need to invest so much if you don’t have the budget. There are many free and cost-effective tools like Trello, Wrike, and ClickUp that do almost the same job. They are flexible enough so that every user can set it according to his needs.

Intelligent E-Commerce Platforms

An entrepreneur must learn about how e-commerce platforms work. The online world is much more powerful than any other market. Learning about e-commerce will allow you to sell any product online. These platforms are also no longer as simple as they used to be.

Artificial intelligence has changed many things about computer programs. There are many plugins and other tools that you can integrate with them to make them even smarter. They suggest many products and services as the user visits this platform.

They use user’s data to make decisions about their preferences. This allows you to engage and keep them busy. By suggesting only the right and relevant products, you develop their interest in your platform and get them to buy more things than they came here for.

Social Media Tools

Social media marketing has become an integral part of every business. They are easy, cheap, and effective platforms that bring results. While you might have a professional to do this task for you, you need to use a tool where you can manage all your social media channels in one place.

You will also have to invest in paid advertisements on all these sites. So, it is crucial that you keep track of how much you spend on each platform and record the results you get. This allows you to ensure that you don’t waste your money on something that doesn’t work.

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