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UPSers Registration and Login – Complete Guide


The rapid rise of the e-commerce industry—with the giants being amazon, eBay, and Alibaba— paved the way for healthy competition in the field of logistics. With revenue of US$232billion in 2018, amazon alone provides massive prospects for the key logistic players to grab the opportunity. This is where the likes of DHL, TCS, and UPS come in handy and fill the much-needed space in the supply chain management as well as in the multinational delivery service.

What is a UPSer?

Although the key big players among the delivery services usually have been DHL, TCS and UPS, it is believed that thousands of service providers are in the industry competing among each other in the vicious race of profits. And when it comes to revenue only, customer service as well as employee management becomes the least priority and thus affects the service as well as the user base.

UPS – Why its a Champion for customers

However, when it comes to the giants of the logistics management companies, DHL, TCS, and UPS have been competitors for years with each one striving to provide the fastest, reliable and customer-oriented services.

The only difference between the three apart from the above mentioned qualities is employee management. While UPS takes pride in having built a complex employee management system, the other two follow the suit to reach the standards set by the UPS.

No wonder why the employees at UPS take pride in calling themselves UPSers—highlighting the fact that UPS is not just another logistics company but a family to them! And if you happen to be a part of the family of 4,81,000 employees, indeed it something you should take pride in!

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Now that you are UPSers—be a new one or an old one— there is something that awaits you on the internet that will make your life just easier. Be it your paychecks or day to day errands, the UPS employee login portal is no less than a magic wand. Without much ado, let’s head straight to the step-by-step guide on how UPSERS login can be achieved on your cellphone or your PC.

UPSERS Registration Guide

  1. The first step for you follow is to head to the UPSERS portal and register yourself. You can do that by clicking here.
  2. Now that you’re on the website, the process is followed by selecting a language of your choice, followed by a user ID and then a password. Note that at this point, you will have to input IGEMS User ID in the User ID field which is basically your Employee ID. As far as the password is concerned, upsers receive a password from the HR which comprises of your region, the year you were hired and your employee ID. So your password will be the first two letters of your region, then two characters of your hire year followed by last two digits of your employee ID. For instance, if you are from California and became part of the upsers family in 1998 and were granted 6738 as your employee Id then your password will simply be: Ca9838. Remember that the passwords are case-sensitive.
  3. Although the process seems a bit tricky, it really isn’t if tried with all the focus and attention which is a deeply engrained quality of upsers. That’s about it, now you can click on the login button to complete the registration process and access upsers portal.
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If you are already registered upsers, you can simply follow the steps elucidated below to complete the upsers portal login process.

UPSERS Login Guide

1. The first step is to follow the link and head to the upsers portal login website by clicking here.

2. Now select the desired language from the drop-down list.

usper login

 3. Now enter your User ID which is same as your employee ID.

uspers login user id

4. Now fill in the password you chose during the registration process.

uspers login password

5. Once that is done, simply click on the login button and boom you’ve successfully conquered the upsers portal login fortress!

uspers sign in

At this point, it is important to note some things. If you’re logging in for the first time after the registration process. Act like intelligent upsers and change your password by choosing a stronger and secure one. It is advised that the password should contain alphabets, numeric and special characters.  

UPSERS Password Resetting Guide

If upsers by any chance, forgets their password, here’s what they can do:

1.Follow the link and head to the upsers portal login website by clicking here.

2. Now click on the forgot your password and follow the instructions below.

uspers password reseting

3. Now that you are on this page, you need to be very careful. Since you will only have three attempts at achieving upsers portal login. You will need to enter your Employee Id here. After this you will be asked some challenge questions for gaining access to your upsers portal. Once you successfully answer those questions, you will be allowed to create a new password for upsers login platform.

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Answer Challenge Questions
Answer Challenge Questions

That’s all on how upsers can gain access to the upsers login portal and enjoy the services offered by the portal that no other logistics company offers at this point of time. If you are upsers and have any questions and concerns regarding the registration, login or resetting your password process, please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below. Happy UPSering!

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