Apple And HTC Begin Plotting New Foldable Devices For 2021

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Folding phones have made a warm and welcome comeback. However, they look and behave nothing like the flip phones of the past. Today’s foldable phones are full of bursting new technologies with advanced features and look stylishly sleek, everything we were missing.

Today’s technology sees our smartphones equipped with punch hole front-facing cameras, fingerprint and facial recognition software and bezel-free displays, giving the folding phones a new lease of life. Past flip phones were hinged devices, but now, the flip phone has morphed into foldable phones that house bendable screens. Here’s a look at 2020s best folding flip phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The clamshell design of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip smartphone phone makes the phone feel very natural to use. The smartphone itself is compact, making it ideal for carrying around in pockets and small bags. The phone, when unfolded, sits flat on its hinges, and when snapped close, both segments sit flat on one another without a noticeable gap.

According to Smartphone Checker, Z Flip is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+. The phone offers LTE connectivity and offers 256GB of storage along with 8GB of RAM. The phone also reacts to being partially open at 90 degrees, allowing users to use it as a laptop. The foldable screen is impressive and is made of a flexible type of glass – the glass is thought to be able to withstand 2000,000 folds, opening the hinge at different angles.

The design of the phone menas Samsung have placed a smaller screen on the outer side of the handset. The screen displays vital information such as the time, date and battery life. However, the screen allows users to see notifications when they come through, which means users won’t need to keep opening and closing their handsets constantly.

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Motorola Razr

Motorola has morphed its iconic, 15-year-old flip phone into a foldable phone. Long gone is their numerical buttoned keyboard which they have stylishly switched for a flexible OLED screen that folds down into almost a square-shaped device. 

The smartphone. Like the Samsung above also has a Quick Views function with a second screen display on the front. Helping users stay on top of their notifications and smartphone functions. The Razr 5G features a stainless steel and glass design combination making it look very modern and sleek.

When folded, the smartphone is about 16mm thick and has a fingerprint scanner on the rear. The main screen of the phone is 6.2-inches and is made from plastic OLED, making it bendable. The screen on the front is fixed, much like the Z Flip and is 2.7-inches.

The Razr also works on Qualcomm’s Sanpdragon but this 765 processor and offers 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM. The internal camera on the phone is 20-megapixels, and the front-facing camera that flips to the main and front-facing camera is 48-megapixels.  

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is one of the first smartphones on the market that has helped shape the future of tomorrow. The innovative smartphone with powerful performance takes the foldable glass and strong battery power to new heights. 

The handset is available in two standard factory colors but comes with an array of different colored hinges, allowing users to personalize their phones. When shut, the smart device behaves like a smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen. When opened, it turns into a 7.6-inch main screen giving the user a tablet-sized viewing experience.

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The state-of-the-art hinge is designed to deliver fluid folding of the device and is one of the most advanced mechanisms currently on the market for folding phones. The smartphone also comes with dual battery, giving the user incredible power in the palm of their hands. 

Folding phones of the future


HTC has recently patented a design idea for a foldable phone. Unlike most of the foldable phones on the market, the HTC folding phone i’ll be unique in the way it folds. Insult of folding inward like most, the phone will fold outwards with a middle hinge.

This means the main screen will be visible from both sides when folded as a smartphone handset. The phone is thought to fold horizontally like the Motorola Razr into two halves but in the opposite way.


Some movement from Apple in the way of studying Samsung foldable screen and a patent which suggests self-repairing screen suggests Apple are looking at making their iPhones in some way foldable.

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