Vaccertify Prototype: A Digital Solution for Vaccine Certification to Keep Your Privacy Protected

Vaccertify Prototype

As the coronavirus grasps the whole world, the challenge associated with the vaccine is growing more and more. At the early stage of this pandemic, developing the vaccine was the only thing that we had on our minds. But over the months, we slowly realize that there are many other challenges we have to tackle even after the invention of the vaccine.

From availability to public trust, storage, and the dosage, many variables are even more important than the vaccine itself. And what about social trust?

Why do we need a vaccine certificate?

Just like we are required to wear masks before we enter the mall, we will need a certification soon to ensure people around us that we have taken the Covid-19 vaccine. And this exactly where Vaccertify Comes into play.

We are at the final stages of the testing and development to ensure the creation of a fully effective Covid-19 vaccine. But due to the nature of the virus, we will need a mechanism to recognize people who have taken the vaccine and those who still have not been vaccinated. Keeping that in mind, Vaccertify has launched its prototype of a digital covid-19 vaccine certificate.

What comes with a Digital covid-19 vaccine certificate?

In this era of technology, traveling everywhere with your medical certificates is not only feasible but also comes in the way of keeping your privacy protected. With this digital covid-19 vaccine certificate from Vaccertify, you gain the ability to keep your certificate inside your smartphone.

The prototype displays the following information:

  • User name
  • Profile photo
  • Type of Covid-19 vaccine taken
  • The date of the competition of the final shot
  • A scannable QR code
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Vaccertify pays attention to the smallest details when it comes to the user’s privacy. Whenever the inquirer scans the QR code, the information will only be shown after a private pin is entered. This allows two layers of protection for the users’ privacy.

A vaccine certificate would be equivalent to an identity card

In today’s world, the COVID-19 vaccine certificate holds great power when it comes to the freedom of any individual. Without a COVID-19 vaccine certificate, individuals are restricted from participating in various social gatherings, parties, weddings, even airports, and other economic activities. The word of mouth is not enough when the lives of people are on the line.

Over the next few months, many households might want visitors to provide proof of immunity as a condition of access inside their home. And the Vaccertify Prototype made this way too easy.

Why Vaccertify is the right choice?

The place where the Vaccertify Prototype shines the most in social situations. It offers us a chance to know whether the friends, electrician, or the babysitter who is entering our house is vaccinated or not. You can easily check the vaccination status of anyone. And they will have a hassle-free private way to show their vaccination status without having to display their medical records.

With so many things to stay worried about during this pandemic, the vaccination status of people around you should not be one of them. This revolutionary digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate by the Vaccertify Prototype is here to make the process hassle-free, private and efficient.

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Digital vaccine certificate is the future

Current news has been released by CNN that there will be a paper card you will receive when you eventually get the Covid-19 vaccine. Everyone will get a card “they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due.” Says Dr. Kelly Moore of the Immunization Action Coalition.  

Vaccination clinics will report to their respective state what vaccine was given out. Expecting citizens to carry around paper vaccine cards is clearly not the solution.


Vaccertify could ultimately hold a digital version of the vaccination card that it receives directly from a doctor, hospital, or even CVS/Walgreens where the shots were administered. This process would help Vaccertify to be an authoritative source that can be trusted and with the right partnerships, this looks like it can be accomplished.

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