Amazing Pet Gadgets For Dog and Cat Owners

pet gadgets

Pet owners love buying new toys for their dogs and cats. With technology always progressing, there are plenty of new pet gadgets to try that benefit both pets and their owners! Whether it’s a cool toy to keep your dog or cat occupied or a safety measure to give the pet owner peace of mind, pet technology has expanded and improved. 

If you’re looking for a new pet gadget to keep track of your furry friend, or you need a gift idea for the pet owner in your life, look no further. We’ve compiled the best pet gadgets on the market, so you can supply some new technology for your favorite dog or cat.

Best Pet Gadgets in 2019

Here are the 4 best pet gadgets in 2019

  1. GPS Pet Collar
  2. Pet Camera
  3. Smart Pet Door
  4. Automatic Pet Feeder

GPS Pet Collar

If you’ve ever worried about your pet’s location, a GPS tracking collar is a great piece of pet gear! There are various options on the market, so you can choose from different features and price points. Whether you’re wondering where your cat goes during the day or you want a dog tracking device to ensure they don’t get lost, there are GPS collars for all uses. Most can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone, so you always know where your furry friend is at. 

Pet Camera

For those who leave their pets while they’re at work all day, a pet camera offers peace of mind so you can check in on your pets! There are plenty of options available with different features. Some pet cameras are simply that: a security camera to check in on your dogs and cats. Others, however, include features like two-way audio so you can hear your pet bark and speak to it, two-way video, treat dispensing, and even laser games. 

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Smart Pet Door

Cats typically have the freedom to come and go in and out of the house as they please. This option isn’t always available for dogs, and some owners avoid doggy doors for security reasons as well. Now, there’s a smart pet door that you can use so that pets can have some freedom without causing any security issues. All you do is add a tag to your pets’ collars, and the door will only let pets with tag access through. You can even change the settings on your smartphone apps so that you can restrict when pets can use the door. 

Automatic Pet Feeder

Keep your pets on a proper feeding schedule with an automatic pet feeder! With this gadget, you can control when and how much your pet eats, making it easy to feed them when you aren’t at home. Control your pet’s meals from your smartphone and keep them happy and well-fed with this piece of pet gear. They even make pet feeders for cats who eat wet food, as well as automatic water dispensers so that your pets stay hydrated. 

Dog Gadgets

Check out these gadgets made specifically for dogs and dog owners! 

  1. Automatic Ball Thrower
  2. Dog Anxiety Jacket

Automatic Ball Thrower

For pet owners that get exhausted after endless rounds of fetch, there are automatic ball throwers to play with your dog for you. There are a few options, but the leading brand is iFetch. With this device, you can change the distance settings to fit your dog and your space. Sit back and let your dog work off some energy without wearing out your throwing arm!

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Dog Anxiety Jacket

Whether it’s a thunderstorm or a fireworks show, it’s common for dogs to get anxious. Luckily, they have developed anxiety jackets and harnesses for dogs, made to soothe them during stressful events. These jackets apply pressure to soothe anxious dogs, similar to how you may hold them during a storm. Check out different options like Thunder Shirts or Pet mate Calmz harness. 

Cat Gadgets

  1. Laser Toy
  2. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Laser Toy

If you need help entertaining your cat, an automatic laser toy is the feline equivalent of a ball thrower! There are various hands-free laser toys that emit random laser patterns, sure to distract your cat without any effort on your part. Keep your cats entertained with a laser-like the PetSafe Laser Toy or Frolic at BOLT. 

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This is a gift to both cat and cat owner: a self-cleaning litter box ensures that your cat is happy with constantly clean litter, and saves cat owners from messy clean-ups. Your home will always smell fresh since you don’t have to worry about constantly checking the litter box. This pet gadget is a great gift for cat owners, saving them time and chores. 

How to Find the best one?

Try out one of all of these pet gadgets to add some convenience to your life and fun for your pets! The latest in pet technology ensures that your pets are safe and happy, and can provide owners with peace of mind when leaving their pets unattended. 

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